Why Prizes Win Leads and How to Make Them Stick

A long-standing tradition of prize promotions uses the purpose of a prize to encourage people who participate in sweepstakes, giveaways, or contests. However, strategies about what prizes work best have evolved. A prize is a critical component in successful sweepstakes. But there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will work.


At the outset, sweepstakes and raffles were intended to draw in communities. They improve the relationships between family members and neighbours. Then, during the holiday season or moments of social celebration, people participated in giveaways as participants or sponsors. Merchants in the medieval peninsula of Italy were the first to use a lottery as a sales promotion.


Nowadays, prizes are widely used in marketing campaigns. They are the reason many people participate in events. The award for events, including contests and giveaways, increases the fun to be had and the participation. Social media marketing campaigns, including crowdfunding, occasionally benefit from this driving force. Business owners have been looking for ways to incorporate prize promotions and giveaways into their marketing strategies for their small businesses to promote their small companies. These help turn their ventures into lucrative businesses.


Pick a Prize Relevant to Your Brand


Quality should be prioritized over quantity whenever determining specialty entries. Your goal is to entice those who may be likely to buy your products or use your services. So, it is essential to seek out and attract targeted prospects. Think of transforming your merchandise or company into the focal point of your ploy. Selecting a large-apparent award, such as the latest iPhone or a cash prize, may mean that you’ll receive many entries and followers. Nonetheless, as soon as your Campaign is over, numerous individuals who voted for you will unfollow or unsubscribe. Why is that? Because they desired that handset and may not have been interested in your services.


Regardless of your situation and services not being the very most beautiful or exciting, you’ll still offer them for the reason you provide them. You might need to become creative to make your service or product appear more attractive or compelling.


Users can obtain incentives for sharing service awards with their social network, especially if there is a reward. It helps increase your customer base. This type of wise share is precious, as it generally offers a considerable boost for your brand in an organic way. And if the item is something good that your company provides or is tied to it, more individuals will be interested in your subsequent Campaigns to grasp more information about your brand.


Diversify Your Prizes


Offering more than one prize may seem like a brilliant idea to get more individuals to enter a contest. Nevertheless, giving out multiple prizes can backfire, as offering more than one giveaway doesn’t give players a reason to think they’re more likely to win.


The assumption is that providing multiple of the same prize tends to diminish its value. This makes the award less intriguing. Note that the alternative is that offering numerous prizes increases the prize chain’s appeal, as there are additional choices for everyone. When people are offered different rewards for different levels of participation, they’re likely to feel higher chances of winning. If you’re planning on giving away more than one prize at once, think about introducing tiers or levels. For instance, first, second and third-place prizes. It’s an excellent sport to mix up the choices so that users can play and choose.


Think Seasonally


Seasonal variation provides the opportunity to tie in a promotional theme and celebrate the joys of the season while retaining your Facebook page’s appeal for new users. Complementary attributes, such as premium merchandise or a menu for a four-course meal, may be appropriate prize choices for the holiday season. They have become seasonally associated. In addition, holiday events or well-known community celebrations play a unique role in rising to the occasion. You can have a more creative shot at how you can market it.


Reward User-Generated Content


Polls or contests wherein participants are required to give you something in return: data. For example, create a Campaign that leverages user-generated content (UGC). Then, provide a prize to the recipient who generates the most significant engagement. You may offer prizes of many different types, such as cash, merchandise, complimentary service, and even recognition. The following will motivate your followers to create original content that helps you develop your business. 


People can also be more active by participating in a contest. A photo contest, by way of example, has a user take a photo, share it, and earn votes. This can make participants and consumers work quite a bit for their titles. In addition, popular participatory promotions, which focus on consumer engagement and brand awareness, may include prizes. For example, you may present winners with a choice of appealing prizes, such as a free trial of your service or one of your most popular products, and feature the winning photograph on your website. In so doing, the winner benefits from a tangible prize and grows their online exposure through word-of-mouth advertising.


Consider Your ROI


The start of the prize is no indicator of its value. Your prize must provide the proper engagement, awareness, and sales, as that’s the key to effective marketing. Changing the focus of the contest may even help.


You may be surprised to learn that giving away a $10 jar of honey from your homemade canning business can generate as much engagement as an iPhone giveaway. This is because the participants genuinely care about the merchandise you’re giving away. Your first promotions need not be grand affairs, so you can begin with a smaller, cheaper prize. Even if the results of your giveaway have been positive, you can feel good knowing that you didn’t have to break the bank to buy your prize.


Create a Great User Experience


Suppose you want to give away a valuable prize such as cash, a scholarship, or an item of high monetary or sentimental value (such as a home or business). In that case, you should give as much thought to the usability of your giveaway as possible. No matter how grand your promotion’s prize is, users won’t take part if the promotion is hard to utilize or identify. Test the Campaign thoroughly before the launch date, and ensure it is multi-channel, so it’s posted to more than one location to ensure maximum visibility.


It’s likewise essential to do your research for your prize as well as what winning means for your brand and the winner. It’s unfortunate when a participant receives an award while also experiencing added complications, such as overdue charges or a delay in acquiring it.




A grand prize is the hub of prizes and giveaways that generate excitement about participating in promotions. If you are ready to attract leads that will bring you more profit, choose rewards connected to your brand to capitalize on that excitement.


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