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Here’s a thing—if you don’t want to get left behind in the market and become obsolete in your own field—as a business owner or an accounting professional, it’s salient to be updated on the latest trends and seize the power of modern technology.

So today, we introduce you to a transformative tool Moolamore. This tool can help you build a sustainable financial future for your business and level up your client advisory services in your practice.

Read this blog and discover why you should grab the Moolamore App’s lifetime deal. Let’s start!

Where Moolamore Sets In For Business Owners and SMEs

The reality is—financial risks will always exist in running and growing your SME company. Therefore it’s crucial that you utilise an innovative and top-tier cash flow management and forecasting tool, Moolamore. This app will help you handle these risks and make smarter decisions for your business.

Here are the different financial risks that you will be able to reduce and prevent if you leverage the Moolamore App for your business.

1) Operational Risk 

This refers to the disruption of the flow of your business operation due to flawed or ineffective systems, incorrect data, technology problems, human intervention or from external events.

To give an example—broken-down equipment is an operational risk. It implies not only the expenses to fix it but also the losses for production downtime. This results in delays in your product deliveries and can even affect the reputation of your business.

2) Market Risk

This is largely based on the dynamics of supply & demand and economic uncertainties. So suppose your business is still resistant to digital innovations and market changes; expect you won’t be able to keep up with your industry.

That’s why you must start using an advanced cash flow tool Moolamore to help you anticipate and gauge how market trends can affect your cash flow. Hence, you will also be able to know your customers’ needs, wants and expectations. Such will help you shift your business strategy to a more effective solution. 

3) Competition Risk

This pertains to the risk your competitors pose to your business and whether their activities will negatively impact your cash flow.

There are two fundamental ways this risk presents itself: 

a) New competitors – This could be a new or existing business expanding into your market that may cause you to lose customers or result in a downshift for your business.

b) Existing competitors – Refers to those you know who may alter or modify their products or services to target your customers, revenue and sales. For example, they may reduce their prices on a product that compares to yours. They may also beat you by introducing a new product line.

Therefore, you must leverage the Moolamore app to respond efficiently to competition risks. Thus, aside from doing thorough research for your competitors and the market, you can also use a cash flow tool to understand how to provide value to your customers. The app will help you enhance your product and service offerings.

4) Credit Risk

This type of financial risk can affect your business in two ways: the first one is the risk of you borrowing money and not being able to meet your repayment obligations. The second one is balancing the risk of extending credit to your own customers (debtors) against the likelihood of them defaulting on their payments.

That said, developing an application process and a contract with clear terms and conditions for customers who wish to buy your goods or services using credit is vital. In addition, it’s also important to utilise a cash flow tool like Moolamore to help you stay on top of your inflows and outflows and easily spot which among your customers pay on time and which causes a pattern of late payments.

5) Liquidity Risk

This focuses on your cash flow management and whether or not you’ll have sufficient cash to meet your debts and payments as they are due. Remember that if you can’t cover your financial obligations, your business will suffer from insolvency, leading to bankruptcy.

To be able to manage this risk, you have to closely monitor and manage your ins and outs using a reliable cash flow tool Moolamore. See to it that you have full access to all your financial transactions, including your invoicing and know what amounts are due. 

Through Moolamore’s forecasting capabilities and scenario builders—you can also run and test different situations that may impact your cash flow. With that, you can develop an approach for how you will be able to meet your obligations, operate your business smoothly and plan for its next move.

6) Growth Risk

Note that growing your business will always bring new risks. Of course, you have to pay for your inventory, maximise your staff numbers and invest in advertising. This may all affect your cash flow and ability to comply with your financial obligations (e.g. loan repayments and wages)

Thankfully, with a world-class and cutting-edge cash flow tool like Moolamore, you can keep an eye on your fiscal standing. This will empower you to craft a budget plan and carefully allocate your resources best. 

Overall, with Moolamore, you can get a clear picture of your financial health, stay on top of the curve, achieve brilliant decision making and save your business from financial risks, hamstring growth, insolvency and permanent shutdown.

Where Moolamore Sets In For Accountants/Accounting Professionals

If you wish to lessen the pressure on your shoulders when dealing with your day-to-day accounting tasks, keep up with the changing demands of the market and add winning value with your client advisory services—you have to make a switch now and embrace the wonders of the modern cash flow tool Moolamore in your SME accounting practice or firm.

Listed below are the drawbacks of manual processes and outdated tools like spreadsheets:

  • Uncoordinated and a hassle to use
  • Taking up a great deal of your time
  • High operational costs
  • Vulnerable to costly human errors
  • Inefficient reporting
  • Data is not updated in real-time
  • Likelihood of data getting lost or deleted
  • Poor collaboration
  • Inconvenient: Unfit for remote working
  • Security flaws

On the other way around, here are the perks you will enjoy with an automated and advanced tool, Moolamore:

  • Smooth navigation and easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Time and cost-effective
  • Skip painful data entry and eliminate human errors.
  • Generate meaningful and insightful reports in just minutes.
  • Excellent Collaboration: Stay on track with your team and clients
  • Work on your accounting on the go: Moolamore works seamlessly on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile) and is available on both iOs and Android systems which means you can easily update your data at any time and anywhere.
  • Become a more valued advisor and a key partner to your clientele.
  • Security ensured: High protection against unauthorised access, fraudulent activities, identity theft and cyber-attacks.

Final Takeaway

There you have it! Moolamore is undoubtedly an invaluable tool for financial growth, longevity and success! It’s straightforward yet jam-packed with game-changing features that will help both business owners and accountants alike! Thanks for reading!

Whatever financial worries and needs you have in your business and accounting practice—nothing beats the capacity of Moolamore!

Grab the lifetime deal on this cash flow tool today—Schedule a demo now!