Why Moolamore?

Do you know what Moolamore means?


It means more money! Well, not really….


Let’s discover more about Moolamore and why you should start being smart with your money.

Why choose Moolamore?


We named the app “Moolamore” for a reason — moolah means money and who doesn’t want to save or make more money for their business and for personal finances, right?


Moolamore is an accounting application that ingests real-time transaction data relevant to cash flow, to facilitate analysis, management, and projection. It’s a cash flow forecasting tool that helps you predict, estimate or forecast your company’s future financial position. It estimates how much money will be coming into the business and what money will be going out of the business over a set period of time.


Let’s say in a business, a tax accountant would normally tell you went bankrupt 3 months ago and that’s the problem. This is where Moolamore plays a huge role in your finances.


Forecasting is really important because you need to see where the money is going, where it’s disappearing.


There are so many companies out there that have literally gone bankrupt because they never controlled their cash, they had great businesses but cash was out of control and that’s the problem. If you run out of cash in the business then there’s no more business, simple as that.


Cash is very important and cash flow forecasting allows you to take charge of your cash which is very important. This gives business owners or even an individual person to manage their expenses and manage where their cash is going. You then have a big build, you can then split it up into multiple payments or organise the payments with the relevant party to sort of smooth out your cash. It’s a game changer especially that we have seen the adverse effects of Covid-19 on business, individuals, and even the economy. It’s absolutely timely that we bring Moolamore. It’s here to help you change the way you think about money.

Is Moolamore for me?

Definitely! Anyone can use Moolamore! It is best for personal finance, business leaders, and finance pros at small and medium companies. It can help drive businesses forward with confidence and speed. If you report to investors or plan to raise, you’d need Moolamore.


Cash is very important during this time and the management of cash is very very critical to either the success or failure of the business. We’re offering a great service to the world.


You may want to employ more staff, expand and open a new store or pay a bonus – these kind of decisions need to be wise enough to keep your business afloat or growing. You need to arm yourself and identify a crisis before it hits. In terms of uncertainty and difficulty to get credit or cash from the banks then, you have to have the need for visibility and start looking into your funds. This is when cash flow forecasting is valuable and you need to learn how to use a cash flow tool for personal use and for your business.


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