Top 5 Features of Moolamore App That Accountants Will Love

There’s no lie to itwasted time and money, bottlenecks in workflow, inaccurate data and errors, lack of real-time insights, limited reporting capabilities and security risks are just some of the difficulties you’ll face every day if you are still using the manual accounting process or the outdated spreadsheets.

But the good news iswe got you a long-term pain reliever! 

You can reduce and avoid these major headaches if you leverage a fast, automated, cutting-edge cash flow tool Moolamore that will make accounting a breeze for you and revolutionise how you work with your clientele. 

In fact, this blog post discusses the top 5 features of the Moolamore app you will definitely love in your SME accounting practice.

 Ready? Let’s begin.

Start Conquering The Challenges in Accounting: The Top 5 Powerful Features of Moolamore You Will Love

1) Smooth Navigation & Simple Interface Dashboard

Compared to the tedious manual accounting process, complicated applications and messy spreadsheets that eat up your time, Moolamore helps simplify your day-to-day financial tasks and gives you a smooth accounting experience.

In addition, it also empowers you to manage your clients’ finances better because just a glance in the dashboard renders you a clear, complete and up-to-date picture of their cash flow, allowing you to understand their financial situation in just minutes.

2) Automation, Seamless Integrations & Efficient Report Exporting: Save Valuable Hours & Remove Human Errors

With a fast and automated cash flow tool like Moolamore, you can skip the painful data entry and prevent costly human errors mainly due to lost paperwork, faded receipts, unclear handwriting, mistyping, misspelling and double entry. 

Likewise, moving data is also easy with the seamless integration feature of Moolamore on other notable accounting software (e.g. Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks), as well as generating comprehensive financial reports for your clients, which you can efficiently export in PDF or CSV formats. 

3) Scenario Builders & Comprehensive Analysis Insights: Level Up Your Client-Work & Advisory Services

Aside from the basic level of service expected, you can add a winning value to your accounting practice by providing what your clients genuinely want: insightful reports and excellent advisory skills.

That’s where Moolamore comes in!

Through this app’s forecasting, what-if scenarios and comprehensive analysis features, you can help and support your clients in tackling significant decisions (e.g. taking on additional staff, upgrading equipment, preparing a tax bill or planning to expand the operations of their SME company), which indeed have effects on their cash flow. 

You’ll be able to offer meaningful reports and craft the best recommendations invaluable for their business growth and financial success. Furthermore, you can ensure that all your reports and forecasts are up-to-the-minute numbers and provide only true insights, not outdated ones.

4) Security-Ensured: Stay Safe From Prying Eyes

Put yourself in your client’s shoeswould you want your confidential information exposed to danger? Of course not.

Therefore as a responsible accountant, it’s crucial to have a safe space and system where you can manage all your reports, transactions and data. 

Thankfully, a trusted cash flow app such as Moolamore exists, providing advanced security features like encryption systems, secure cloud-based servers and authentication factors which can help chase away identity thefts, hackers and other prying eyes. 

With Moolamore, be at peace of mind that you are working with your client’s financial data under the highest level of protection. 

5) Mobile-Enabled: Work Conveniently On The Go & Achieve Better Collaboration

Having a mobile-enabled cash flow tool like Moolamore enables you to monitor the financial performance of your clients or update necessary information without being tied down to a desk. With that, you can quickly provide your clients with the most up-to-date and relevant recommendations. 

On the other hand, this feature also helps you collaborate better with your team and clients anytime, anywhere and even on the go. Moolamore works well and is accessible for download on both iOs and Android systems.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! With the following features mentioned above, it’s clear that Moolamore is your reliable financial management solution built to help simplify day-to-day accounting tasks on your plate and enables you to provide excellent advisory services that can wow your clients!

Start using Moolamore and get everything you need to streamline your accounting practice workflow and engage better with your clients. Request a demo today!