Multi-Company Cash Flow Consolidation With Moolamore

Financial statements present private organisations with an expansive overview of their operational and financial wellness. Consolidated financial records accomplish the same for combined businesses as if they were all a single entity. One financial statement, the cash flow statement, informs companies of their cash flow positions and what creates that standing. When a business is a significant owner of two or more organisations, a consolidated cash flow statement provides accounting info in one place.


Business owners who run SME companies often have difficulties managing cash flow— but not if Moolamore is used as the cash manager. With Moolamore, business executives and finance professionals can take a back seat and witness their venture turn into a lucrative business, especially with a feature called Multi-Company Cash Flow Consolidation.


CFOs and Group Controllers use consolidated cash flow reports to carry out month-end line item comparisons and consolidation. The options specified in this report dynamically populate the columns with selected subsidiaries and report a total located on the right. The user can switch the transaction exchange rates if you prefer to view them in a different currency. You can look into the underlying transactions, too.


Profit-minded companies and institutions use the Consolidating Cash Flow Statement for fast and easy analysis of all sources of income and expenses across multiple subsidiaries. For example, in the Accounting & Finance Department, a company that offers financial information could use the Moolamore cash flow forecaster tool to speed up its analysis and reduce the risk of overlooking major contributors to consolidated cash flow results.


Do you need more than one company’s consolidation reports? Moolamore can help. To do so, Moolamore has an easy tool that will simplify making consolidation reports for multiple businesses. To fully understand my experience with it, try it out yourself today!


Multi-Company Consolidation Reports


Before you get started, remember that each report in Moolamore comprises a consolidated organisation group. You will likely wonder how you can access these reports regularly. Within Moolamore, building an accounting bundle is relatively effortless, and you can select your workflow from the drop-down list. Alternatively, the pile is created using a dashboard, and you can set it to run at the click of a button.


P&L Comparison


By comparing companies side-by-side, there are lots of ways you can reach them. This report allows you to compare up to 100 companies on several metrics, including annual revenue and the number of employees. In addition, Moolamore enables you to see all the metrics side-by-side at once.


This report functions as a diagnostic report when you need to know the origin of the numbers in your consolidated reports. This breakdown of the structure of consolidated reports by source will help you discover where your information is coming from. ??If you wish your report to be less detailed, use Moolamore to the group, summarise, and rearrange your accounts without compromising the integrity of your report.


Balance Sheet Comparison


The best way to compare your companies is to look at them side-to-side, especially if you are still getting familiar with accounting. This helps you better understand your itemising and balance numbers, enabling you to compare them with multiple companies. If your company accounts are in the balance sheet, this report will help you find discrepancies between different entities’ accounts. You will see which entities have surpluses and which deficits.


Business Unit Income and Expense Summary


You must know which of your entities are profitable and which areas need improvement. You can use the Business Unit Income & Expense Summary to give you a simple list of businesses (one line each). This report provides a quick, high-level summary of your consolidations for multi-entity companies with whom you want to avoid generating an income statement for each.


Cash Flow Forecast


Forecasting cash flow is critical for business success. Studying the effect of cash flow helps you see what sorts of arrangements could benefit your cash flow. This feature simplifies the procedure of deciding. Unfortunately, calculating the mysteries of many company financial statements may take a lot of work. Moolamore was designed to address the challenges of such difficulties.


After going through the cash flow setup process (P&L budget, Balance Sheet budget and Cashflow Settings) throughout each company, go to Report Bundles, and Create New Bundle to generate a 3-way forecast for your group.


Comparing Actuals to Budgets


We continually run budgeting processes at all levels of Moolamore, which means that they are built from the ground up. On the left side of the worksheet, departments and regional offices place their operating costs and income in each budget account. After that, corporate managers may record indicators at the consolidated level.


Moolamore has many unique analyses to compare actuals towards budgets in various methods and can be performed at all levels. Use a projection and desires to evaluate performance to funding by project, department, company or any number of companies. If you have a 40-entity corporation, Moolamore permits you to report in various ways. For example, in one firm, the whole group, or any particular subsection.


Moolamore can embed metrics based on built-in or customised KPIs into reports.


Ranking by KPIs


Moolamore KPIs are typically traditional ratios or also can be numbered. First, generate the gross profit margin, cash flow or total revenue. These are often associated with the Business Unit Dashboard. Next, you can sort the report by any performance indicators, so your most profitable or highest-revenue business is at the top of the list.


Detailed Consolidation Reports


This one is not the report Stream. It’s the Report Bundle. Integrating the individual reports into the Report Bundle gives you an automated multi-entity consolidation report. This can be achieved with any report in Moolamore, from balance sheets to comparisons with financial statements, including budgeting forecasts. Then use a workflow to schedule delivery to your inbox as needed.




We have listed the eight reports that are most helpful when creating reports for businesses investigating consolidations. These reports might prove crucial in helping you evaluate the efficiency and profitability of the companies in question. Multi-entity consolidations can become complicated, and Moolamore is the key to establishing a single reporting structure among all parties.


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