Moolamore: Keeping Your Cash Flow Under Control

Is managing cash flow for your small business challenging despite your lucrative business? This blog will provide you with the small business help you need to stay on top of your small business finance!

Business leaders confidently say that cash is king, but few take steps toward planning their finances wisely, causing them to wind up with nothing in their accounts and no means to cover expenses. One of the chief reasons behind company failure is poor cash flow management. Luckily, it’s possible to rapidly enhance cash flow management if you take the following steps.

Control over your money can help you anticipate slow periods, budget for the future, and have peace of mind. Follow these recommendations to manage your cash flow better.

Check Your Profitability

Ask yourself whether your business model is earning a reasonable profit. Even if your growth statistics are great, your financial fundamentals will suffer unless you’re careful. Determine whether each product or service is serving its purpose. Ensure that products are priced appropriately, and then work to eliminate inefficiencies. Instead of just pursuing sales, pursue healthy sales.

Project Your Cash Flow

Envision your cash flow trajectory for the coming year, which is your early warning system against cash flow issues. Then, use Moolamore software to input anticipated monthly cash flows, including big-ticket purchases and all the fine details.

Please take advantage of the projection to look at the week’s slow period, and plan what you will do about it. Then, throughout the year, regularly examine your actual cash position against your projection to see how you’re doing and send any necessary notifications within a reasonable timeframe.

Finance Major Expenses Instead of Draining Cash

One common cash flow mistake is spending cash on significant long-term assets instead of seeking financing. So even if you are feeling flush right now, you may suddenly be short of money when something unforeseen, such as a sudden change in income, forces you to spend more money than planned.

You will likely require financing, so schedule this as early as possible before bankers tend to gather information on the market. This allows them to be much less severe. There are also two things to consider when putting in a loan for the lifespan of a particular purchase: the investment’s duration and the loan’s duration.

Speed Up Cash Inflows

Sending out invoices early can prevent them from piling up and prevent you from having to accumulate charges you have not paid back. Consider some recommendations to request electronic payments and implement interest if you apply for late payments.

The best method to accomplish what you need without upsetting your customers is by providing them with special discounts and premiums to motivate them to pay faster. For example, if you offer a 30-day credit time frame, you can give your customers a 5 % discount on their invoice amount if the bill is paid within ten days of receiving it. Otherwise, the entire invoice is due by the conclusion of the 30-day credit time frame.

Raise Cash Quickly

Need a rapid influx of cash? You can raise it quickly with various techniques.

You can utilise the following approaches to get in touch with your bank to request assistance in analyzing your stock and assets to determine what assets you may be able to get rid of at a discounted price. Even at a discount, ask suppliers or your landlord for extra time to pay bills. And finally, offer your customers a significant discount to earn fast sales.

Obtain a Line of Credit

Your cash flow statement can assist you with predicting cash flow concerns and setting up a line of credit or a bank loan as an extra safeguard against cash flow problems. Take into account that the money you are borrowing must be worth the money and the cost of the loan or line of credit.

Rent Equipment Instead of Buying It

Limit your business investments to necessities like motor vehicles and business electronics. If you have the option, rent the expense so you can hand it back and replace it when new versions come out.

Improve Your Invoicing System

Make sure that your invoice template is brief, readily accessible, and does not cause you to make mistakes when you create invoices. Another tip is to create the bills available via email, so they do not get disturbed by the post and get to your market client as quickly as possible.

Moolamore Features

Real-time daily business cash flow reports are pulled directly by Moolamore from the cloud accounting software used by the company and CSV files. In addition, intuitive navigation and user-friendly screens allow for more accessible, more regular cash flow management. Combining data from various sources can help you gain a broader perspective of the big picture. Multi-currency conversion is also supported.

Moolamore allows you to clone and edit financial forecasts within minutes to make financial plans. You can add, split, delete, and recast transactions to visualize changes and opportunities. Sharing projects with stakeholders and investors or incorporating their techniques to give them different weight options is also made possible with this intuitive app.

With Moolamore, you can create reports to demonstrate opportunities or dangers with real-time financial data. This tool ensures you realize the advantages of reducing costs or lowering the scope of personnel and chooses the best course of action.

Can you determine short-term strategies to keep your cash flow on an even keel? Then, stay ahead of the game by tracking your inflows and outflows in real time. Finally, get instant information on where your money is going and create a spending graph using the mobile app at any moment, anywhere.

How Moolamore Keeps Your Cash Flow Under Control

With all the features mentioned, Moolamore is highly capable of keeping your cash flow under control, especially with its ability to combine data, track inflows and outflows, view financial forecasts, and create reports. 


We hope this blog helps you keep your cash flow under control, as having a good grasp of cash flow and its concepts greatly aids one in maintaining healthy finances. That said, getting the right accounting software such as Moolamore is of utmost importance for your business’s well-being. 

Moolamore is the perfect tool for your business! It tracks and analyzes all your inputs and transactions and creates the most accurate projections. So worry no more and do more with Moolamore! Request a demo today.