How to Save Money and Time With Proper Accounting and Tracking

From analysing business data and accounts to preparing financial statements and reports, performing bookkeeping duties, and servicing clients 24/7, life as a financial and accounting professional is indeed hectic and overwhelmingly busy.

Well, it’s a good sign because it means you are part of a thriving industry. However, there are times that if the work volume increases and it’s already too hectic to manage, it can be tough to deliver excellent work on time.

Keep in mind that your role as a financial and accounting professional is crucial to the growth and success of a business. And you wouldn’t want to cause a business fallout, right?

The good news is, streamlining your accounting process can help you save money and time. With proper accounting and tracking, you can get more tasks done without compromising the quality of your deliverables.

Here are the following tips to make your accounting life a breeze:

Tip # 1: Automate with Cash Flow Management Tools

When you utilise cash flow management tools, you can automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in accounting, such as recording receipts and payments, tracking budgets and expenses, and calculating financial results. 

Doing so helps you improve efficiency and maintain accuracy within your accounting practices because it makes the process easy, simple and more organised. In addition, it can also save you a great deal of time and effort to focus on more important matters.

Moolamore is an excellent example of a cash flow tool that can help simplify your accounting procedures. With MoolahMore, you can quickly analyse and manage cash flow with no error.

This cash flow management software takes all the guesswork and does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Tip # 2: Keep Accurate Records

As an accounting professional, it’s your responsibility to keep a close eye on the business’s financial records and ensure they’re as accurate as possible. This means all transactions must be documented properly and filed in a timely fashion. Then, if any discrepancies or inaccuracies are found, you have to take action to correct them. Remember, incorrect entries can lead to faulty calculations, misinterpretations, and false financial reports, which can damage the business’s reputation.

By keeping accurate records, you can protect business owners and their companies against potential fraud and litigation.

Tip # 3: Plan and Prioritise Your Tasks

Too often, accountants end up scrambling to meet deadlines and jumping from one task to the next without taking the time to plan their work. Unfortunately, this can lead to errors in your accounting data and a loss of credibility with your clients. But you can avoid this problem and maintain a high level of productivity if you know how to plan and prioritise your tasks. 

For instance, before the chaos season hits, especially with the end of financial year deadlines, create a calendar and to-do list of your tasks. Identify what is urgent and what can be put aside for the time being. Many available project management tools will enable you to plan, classify, track, and organise your accounting duties and projects.

Tip # 4: Establish a System to Handle Emails & Phone Calls

Strike a balance between being responsive to your clients and not allowing email and constant phone calls to take up your time and rule your life.

How do you do that? Consider creating a system to handle your emails and phone calls. Dedicate a specific schedule to when you’ll respond to emails and return phone calls. This can help you manage your time and workload wisely and avoid potential conflicts, misunderstandings, or delays.


Gone are the days when you had to spend hours doing tedious tasks like crunching numbers on spreadsheets. Following the helpful guidelines in this blog will easily transform your accounting life for the better!

With MoolahMore, you can work with ease and confidence! Our powerful app will simplify your job and make accounting a breeze!  Request a demo today.

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