"Your One Step Ahead"

Get a real-time view of your cash flow forecasts, quickly answer key financial questions, prevent a financial crisis, and point your business in the right direction.

One Simple Platform.
Cash Flow Forecasting Made Easy.

Compare and Consolidate

Moolamore compare consolidate

Easily combine all your key financial data from different companies into one place. In just a few clicks, compare and consolidate multiple cash flow statements.

Combine Scenarios

Combine what ifs icon

Effortlessly integrate multiple what-if scenarios for your business with our tool. Seamlessly merge different scenarios and evaluate the outcomes for more informed decision-making.

Simple and Practical Tool

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Quick, simple error-free analysis of your cash flow statements and projections directly from your accounting software.

World-Class Customer Support

Moolamore customer support

Ensure set-up and navigation is easy with our onboarding service and ongoing support.

Smart Cash Flow Reporting

Moolamore smart cashflow

Export your cash flow reports in PDF, Excel, and Powerpoint formats with ease. Seamless exporting options enable you to share your reports with your team or stakeholders in just a few clicks.

Get Easy Access To Funding

Moolamore money management app

Easily visualise your cash flow position and build solid financial data relevant when applying for loans or credits to expand your operations or have emergency expenses to cover.

Seamless and Powerful Integration with

Accounting software integration to Moolamore
Moolamore integrates XERO accounting software
MYOB to Moolamore integration
Quickbooks to Moolamore integration

Moolamore is YOUR ONE STEP AHEAD for Better Cash Flow Management and Client Success

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

I'm so glad I found the Moolamore app! This app is easy to set up and use, which makes it ideal for busy entrepreneurs like me. The features are straightforward and offer a great deal of flexibility in how I want to organise my finances. I'm also impressed with the customer service because whenever I've had an issue or a question, they've been very responsive and helpful.

Delighted SME Business Owner

I like Moolamore because every time I have a question, there's someone who can answer it. The help is always quick and really helpful, no matter what the problem is.

Carlos S.

As an Assistant Accountant, I mainly help my company's Accounting department with the administrative, bookkeeping and clerical functions, which involve many meticulous, complex and time-consuming tasks. So switching to Moolamore was the best choice I ever made. The app is simple to navigate but loaded with cutting-edge features like automation and forecasting. Truly, Moolamore has helped me to become more productive, efficient and reliable when performing my daily tasks while at the same time helping my department.

Satisfied and Happy Accounting Assistant

Moolamore will change the way you do business. I was so tired of our old system that we needed to find something that was easy to use and mobile-enabled. Moolamore is the way to go!

Grateful Entrepreneur

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