Easier Cash Flow Analysis With Moolamore Mobile App

 Business owners who run small businesses often need help finding a cash manager or help when it comes to managing cash flow. However, they need not fear because a cash flow analysis tool named Moolamore exists to help them stay on top of their finances. 

Moolamore is a financial management app that makes it simple to keep an eye on and manage your finances. With Moolamore, you can easily monitor your spending and investment portfolio and get immediate access to pertinent updates. It has a 30-day free trial version and is accessible on both desktop and mobile systems.

Why Moolamore Should Be Your Business’s Go-To Cash Flow Forecasting Tool

You can use Moolamore for cash flow management to accurately monitor your cash flow and create scenarios. These scenarios will simulate your business’s financial future as you make more transactions over time. Doing this lets you determine the monetary decisions you should make to operate your company best.

With Moolamore, you can also track your financial data in real time. This app is designed to help companies make informed financial decisions regarding their finances and improve their general financial security.

The Five Steps to Cash Flow Analysis

There are several significant variables in tracking the health of your company. Pay attention to a few distinct patterns that may spell either success or trouble for your business.

  1. Aim for positive cash flow – When a company’s operating profit margins surpass future earnings, it’s a telling sign that it can maintain its financial sustainability and expand its operations.
  2. Be cautious about positive cash flow – If it weren’t for positive investing cash flow and negative operating cash flow, the problems might indicate less favourable finances. It could hint at firms considering selling off assets to meet their operating expenses, which is only sometimes viable.
  3. Analyse your negative cash flow – Sometimes, an organisation’s investing cash flow is classified as a negative cash flow. This is when a favourable operating cash flow and a negative cash flow are registered. The company may be growing its cash through investments in property and equipment. By contrast, a positive cash flow implies the corporation is spending its money to have more energy to develop its products and sell them.
  4. Calculate your free cash flow – With the money left after you pay your expenses and the capital you invested in your company, you’ll have free cash flow. Use this money to pay interest or principal, buy back stock, or buy a different company.
  5. Operating cash flow margin builds trust – The net business operating profit margin ratio reports the amount of cash a company earns from economic operations in a given reporting period as a percentage relative to revenue earned during that period. A favourable operating profit margin indicates efficiency, profitability, and earnings quality.

Cash flow analysis allows your finance team to manage better cash flows related to capital inflows and outflows. This helps you ensure enough money to pay your expenses and grow and expand the business.

Analysing Cash Flow With Moolamore

Financial ratios calculated based on cash flow statements can be complex for large businesses or those with problematic finances. Nonetheless, bookkeeping or accounting software often handles the bulk of the step for you, helping you set up the appropriate financial reports. Once your financial statements are set up in Moolamore, your cash flow, free cash flow, and other numbers are just a few clicks away.

Some large companies assign teams of financial planning and execution (FP&A) professionals who spend their workday digging deep into the details of financial results to look for business opportunities and better ways to save results. A high-quality forecasting system like Moolamore automates much of this work, helping companies save time with fewer employees.

Small and large companies should understand and keep an eye on their cash flow and cash position. Moolamore gives your business more substantial financial insights that are accurate and timely. It utilises automated reporting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, along with extensive financial analysis tools.

Why Cash Flow Analysis is Critical for Businesses

Intelligent investors would only purchase the shares of a business after first checking out its financial statements, including cash flow. Moolamore’s advanced accounting software gathers and organises detailed information on a company’s financial health to reveal a more thorough picture of its future performance. Business owners, executives, and managers should regularly analyse it to sustain a productive business over the following months, years, and decades.

Cash flow and cash flow analysis are fundamental for every business. Running an organisation without knowing the cash flow is comparable to a pilot flying blind. So only run a business while being subject to continual cash flow data.

How to Manage Cash Flow with Moolamore Mobile App

Moolamore is a mobile app that makes it easy for businesses to learn about and manage their finances. The platform is easy to implement and operate, and it helps local businesses keep track of their revenue and expenses to better prioritise their costs and budgets. Using Moolamore, small businesses can manage finances efficiently to fend off financial difficulties and keep their business thriving.

The Moolamore platform takes all the guesswork out of money management. With comprehensive reports generated daily, users can track their cash flow and gain insights into where they can improve their processes for greater efficiency. This includes being able to forecast future trends in income, expenses and investments – helping them plan for each month with confidence. Since it’s accessible both on desktop and mobile, access to data is accessible anywhere, at any time!

Moolamore is well-suited for individuals who want to be more financially responsible. This app allows you to track and manage your company’s expenses easily. With Moolamore, businesses can easily track where their money is going and what projects need to be executed to make their revenue more productive. As a result, Moolamore leads to more efficient cash flow management in your company.


If a company’s financial margin is positive, it’s a strong indicator that it can stand the negative impacts of rising debt. You can expand your business, pay dividends, and weather tough times.

Free cash flow is an important performance evaluation tool for investors. It monitors the positive qualities of internally produced cash over the long term. It also analyses the use of money for capital expenditures and presents all of these findings for simplified evaluation.

Moolamore has proven itself as a helpful app for managing money on the go and analysing cash flow in real time. Easy to use, the application offers a wealth of features, and users can track spending habits and income in real time.

Moolamore operates intelligently and works hard, leaving no room for mistakes and guesswork. Do more with Moolamore! Request a demo now!