Best Software for Accountants to Run Tasks Smoothly

There’s a great deal of detailed and tedious work involved in Accounting. When you’re digging into the details of numbers and figures, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture of staying organised and efficient and keeping your tasks running smoothly. Thankfully, with the proliferation and advancements in technology, you won’t need to spend hours in spreadsheets anymore, and you can say goodbye to the messy management of your workloads because there are a number of software and tools today that can help you achieve a coordinated, cost-efficient and reliable workflow when performing your accounting duties. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the various accounting software and task management tools for ease and organisation of your chores. Here are the best options to choose from.

The Best Software & Tools For Smooth Running of Your Accounting Tasks


Here’s a cloud-based accounting software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for a more efficient system and better collaboration in your accounting practice. With this software, you can easily organise receipts, bills, invoices, income statements and expense reports and collaborate with multiple users. It also includes features like hubdoc, online file storage and two-factor authentication, enabling you to capture data automatically, manage and share documents conveniently and keep your files safe. You can set up a 30-day free trial with Xero and choose a pricing plan that will suit your needs.

QuickBooks Online

Here’s another cloud-based financial management software that enables you to handle all your accounting tasks from anywhere and on multiple devices, computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, whatever you prefer. Innovative features of QuickBooks include 24/7 data access, in-depth financial reporting, expense tracking, online invoicing and online banking integration. With QuickBooks, you can enjoy a smarter way of working with your small business clients. Likewise, this software offers a free two-month trial for accountants.


Provides features like MYOB Advisor, this is an AI-powered tool that creates rich and comprehensive reports from your client’s data, and a partner dashboard that helps you handle all your client processing work at scale. MYOB can help you strengthen your role as an accounting professional with real-time data and increases the productivity of your accounting practice.


Sage has a customisable platform offering game-changing tools and human support called “Sage For Accountants.” In this platform, you can establish the perfect space to manage your small business accounting and client work. Moreover, they also provide a free starter kit of tools and support, which includes Sage Accounting Plus, Sage Payroll and Client Management, if you sign up for their platform. 


Asana is a web and mobile task management tool excellent for planning, organising, and managing complex projects and deadlines from start to finish. It has a user-friendly and neat interface that offers a wide array of features such as workflow builder, timeline, calendar, boards, forms, task cards, attachments, goals, and so much more. Likewise, Asana is also a great collaboration platform that allows you to systemise team tasks, so everyone is aligned and knows who’s doing what. Thus, you can also share feedback, files and status updates in this app. 


A visual work management tool that opts for a “Kanban” style and organises your projects into boards. With just one glance at the Trello interface, you can identify and classify what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and what is still in the process of making.

This cloud-based task management software lets you centralise all your tools, files, tasks, and processes into one Work OS. It has real-time notifications and easy-to-use automation, helping you to stay in the loop, collaborate seamlessly and bring your team together. Likewise, with customisable dashboards, you can get a high-level overview of your organisation and easily scale workflows for your evolving needs.


An all-in-one workspace where you can plan using a kanban view, take notes, build your wiki and databases, add tasks, manage projects, collaborate and get organised. Notion works across all platforms, including Windows, Web, Mac, iOS and Android. 

Honourable Mention


An intelligent and powerful cash flow software that helps eliminate guesswork, errors, and complexity in accounting, Moolamore can streamline your day-to-day accounting duties and make your accounting life a breeze.

Here are some of the winning features of Moolamore and why it is an excellent choice not just for business people but also for accounting professionals:

  • It has a budgeting and forecasting tool that allows you to generate “what if” scenarios, financial forecasts and opportunity planning helpful to the decision-making process and growth of your clients. 
  • Provides quicker and smarter cash flow analysis
  • Helps you generate financial reports in a snap, wherein you can download your detailed and comprehensive report in either PDF or CSV format.
  • It simplifies your accounting process by allowing you to combine all key financial statements into one simplified report with comparative analysis.
  • It leverages the power of multi-currency conversion for a more holistic view.
  • A mobile-enabled software that you can access anytime and anywhere on both Android and iOs
  • And most importantly, it integrates and works smoothly with other leading accounting software in the market, such as Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, mentioned in this blog.


Altogether, these are some of the best accounting and task-management software and tools that will help you become productive and efficient when performing your duties, saving you time and money in the long run. Pick the right one for your needs and get started on a more coordinated and reliable accounting process!

Simplify your accounting life and revolutionise the way you work with your clients! Moolamore is an intuitive cash flow tool that will take care of all your accounting duties with ease and speed and security so you can be confident in serving your clients better. Request a free demo today!