9 Best Features of Top-Rated Financial Management Apps

Having a financial management app in place is key to running a healthy business or accounting firm. Thus, the market is full of countless finance software and selecting the right one for your cash flow management needs can be overwhelming. So how do you decide which app is an excellent choice?

This blog post outlines some of the standout features we found when evaluating the top-rated financial management apps out there. Furthermore, we also compiled different tips to help narrow down your options in your decision-making process. So keep reading until the end before committing to purchasing.


9 Key Features To Look For When Choosing A Financial Management App 

Does your financial management tool offer these features?

Ease of Use / Simple Interface

Not everyone is skilled at working with numbers, and complicated financial apps can take time to learn or adapt. Therefore, the software you pick should provide an environment that simplifies working with your financial data. The user interface should be neat, uncluttered, easy to navigate and enable you to complete your tasks quickly. Doing so will help you and your finance team handle your accounts easily. 


Did you know that automation is one of the most valuable features of the right financial management software? This feature saves you and your finance team a great deal of time and effort since it can help automate tedious processes so you can achieve more in less time. Likewise, it also reduces manual intervention and the likelihood of mistakes leading to severe issues. 


Suppose your business consists of several franchises, branches or locations; then it’s vital to select a software or app that efficiently manages your finances across all entities. With that in mind, look for an option that enables you to streamline these complications and produce reports based on any data you choose. Consolidation across multiple entities should always be simple, even when dealing with different currencies.

Real-Time Data

We all know that historical data plays a significant role in business decisions, but access to real-time data takes things even further. With real-time data, you can be confident that the decisions you will be making are based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available. 

Advanced Reporting & Analysis

Knowing exactly where a business stands financially is critical. So to help you monitor your business performance or get an actionable, easy-to-understand picture of your client’s cash flow while becoming a more valued advisor to them, you must pick a finance app that is capable of generating solid and insightful financial statement reports such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. In addition, the app you choose should also help you create reports for various accounting departments like inventory, accounts payable and receivables, taxes and projects. The reports will tell how a business performs in specific areas and which areas need improvement. 

Cloud-Based Technology

Another essential feature to look for in your money management software or personal finance app is whether it is cloud-based. Cloud-based platforms are crucial because they allow for easy collaboration across departments – anywhere it is needed and even on the go. In addition, cloud-based platforms ensure that everyone has access to the same data at the same time, which can also prevent misunderstandings and errors that may arise.

Financial Information or Data Security

Financial data is very sensitive, so you must guarantee that you know the mechanisms of your financial app’s safety features. The best financial management apps must offer high levels of security to protect your confidential data, such as secure communication, multi-factor authentication, encryption and biometrics like Face ID and Touch ID


Determine if the finance app can scale. For example, can it grow alongside your business or accounting firm? Remember that as your business or accounting firm evolves and expands, so do your needs. So you must ensure that your finance app can keep up so you will not find your company or practice at a loss. 

Free Trial / Free Version

A fair trial run allows you to check how well the app works and whether it fits your financial management needs well. Make sure that the app meets all your requirements before purchasing.

Tips When Deciding How To Choose the Right Financial Management Apps

Tip # 1: Concentrate on the Goal You Are Trying to Accomplish

The right financial management app enables you to focus on the goal you’re trying to carry out or attain. Specifically, perhaps you want to keep track of your spending; the right app will have cash flow tracking and budgeting, allowing users like you to set up budgets and saving goals.

Tip # 2: Carefully Review The Features Offered and Identify If They’re Worth The Price and Time

To ensure that the money manager app will work effectively or will align with your financial management needs, you must consider the following:

  1. a) What are the apps’ key features?
  2. b) Do you prefer a free or paid service?
  3. c) How much money is needed to use the app?

Once you’ve done this, the next step is to compare the various apps available and determine which one best suits your needs. Likewise, you must also see to it that it’s worth paying for. Note that the best money management app will balance these needs. 

Tip # 3: Evaluate the App’s Scores on Platforms From Other Users

The best way to gauge the overall functionality and cost-effectiveness of a top-rated financial app is by looking at financial app reviews and scores from other users in the Play store from Google or Apple App Store. Thus, consider the ones with high user ratings and excellent reviews. 

Tip # 4: Focus on Keeping Your Private Information Safe and Secure

Remember that what also matters in determining the right finance app is ensuring that your private information is kept safe and secure. A financial management app with a lax security system is not worth the risk of storing all your confidential information.

That said,  the right finance app should have data encryption and password protection to safeguard your private information from cybercriminals who will always search for ways to take control of devices that contain sensitive data. 

Tip # 5: Don’t Forget to Consider Your Time and Money Commitments

It would be best to guarantee that your financial management app accomplishes what you need it to do with a reasonable amount of time and money commitment. So suppose your main priority is to search for a finance app that will not take up a lot of time; then, you must make sure the work you put in is worth it. A free app might convince you because the price is right, but for a one-time purchase fee or a low monthly fee, the increased functionality dramatically enhances your satisfaction with the finance app.


Financial management apps offer a great way to stay on top of any financial situation. They are easy to use and have valuable features that can help you and your finance team save time and money in the long run. However, with many available options, it’s important to read reviews thoroughly and compare features before proceeding to purchase. 

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