5 Tips on How to Boost your Accounting Career With Moolamore

Accounting is one of the most rewarding and in-demand professions.

Accounting is one of the most rewarding and sought-after professions. However, accelerating your career in this field can be challenging. How can you stand out from your fellow accountant competitors? How can you uplift your career prospects and salary? What are the steps you can take to win your next promotion? Will you become a more valued advisor that will wow your clients?


Do not fret—-because with the right tips discussed in this blog and by harnessing the features of a modern and innovative cash flow tool Moolamore, you can definitely enjoy a rising and long-term career in accounting. Keep on reading!


Scale up Your Accounting Career: 5 Helpful Guidelines


Embrace the Benefits of Moolamore: Keep Up With New Technological Developments and Boost Your Advisory Services



The market and industry keep evolving and moving, so grab hold of what new technology offers to stay caught up, not left behind. Like harnessing the benefits of an advanced and powerful cash flow management and forecasting tool—using Moolamore can add value to your day-to-day accounting role. 


Moolamore has user-friendly dashboards and innovative features such as automation, integration and forecasting. So, instead of dealing with time-consuming, repetitive financial tasks, you can focus on what your clients expect you to do: provide them with insightful reporting and meaningful recommendations to solve issues and point their business in the right direction. 


Obtain Valued Certifications / Credentials

Note that obtaining the right accreditations can render your accounting career an upper hand, showing that you can go beyond and above for your role. 


For instance, if you are a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), it is clear that you have an edge whether you choose to work in the finance industry of a large corporation or public accounting. Why? It is because employers know how challenging it is to earn this widely known credential—you must have an education, pass the board exam, and have or gain experience. Likewise, going through this process will showcase that you are serious and dedicated to your accounting career.


Build / Enhance Your Network

Did you know that strengthening your network can also be a key to advancing your career in accounting? In fact, a study in 2016 by Lou Andler (the CEO & Founder of the consulting and training firm Adler Group) found that 85% of jobs are filled via networking or referrals. 


Therefore, having a solid network of contacts puts you in a better position; should you want to move to another SME accounting firm with a bigger pay package and career growth advancement opportunities. In addition, you can also use your network as a brilliant way to learn how to move up successfully in your accounting career from someone who has already done it in your field – you can ask for their guidance or mentorship.

Soft Skills Are Also Important

A good accountant must have not only numerical and technical expertise, but also soft skills to advance in their accounting career.

A good accountant must not only possess numerical expertise and technical competence—if you want to level up your accounting career, you must also look out for your soft skills.


What are soft skills? Your soft skills are salient personal attributes that enable you to interact harmoniously and effectively with your team and clientele. It also involves your critical thinking and problem-solving capability on how you will respond to situations. 


That said, it’s vital that you: 

  • Hone your written and verbal communication skills, so you’ll be comfortable and confident in communicating your ideas and recommendations to your clients, especially when delivering your reports. Thus, remember that communication is also about being a good listener. 

  • Show that you can collaborate – the representation of accountants being the lone wolf is just a myth. So demonstrate that you’re a valuable team player who works well with different kinds of people.

  • Be approachable to your team and clients on a human level while, of course, still staying professional.

  • Amplify your leadership abilities – develop your skills into senior positions and prove you can spearhead projects effectively with your team that can win your clients.


Expand Your Knowledge & Skill Set: Gain Expertise In A Variety of Areas, and Then You Can Choose Your Specialisation

Don’t limit yourself—being proactive about your learning and development is a must. 


Bear in mind that Accounting has numerous aspects (e.g. bookkeeping, auditing, taxation, forensic accounting, financial reporting, etc.), so try to gain knowledge, experience and skills in these many different areas, particularly during your first working years. Doing so will shower you with many opportunities for your long-term career prospects. 


Thus, just like lawyers and doctors—once you explore the different aspects of accounting—you can choose your specialisation to reach the next level. 

To sum up everything, here are the five tips to progress your career whether you want to work as an accountant of an SME company or manage an accounting firm:


  1. Embrace the Benefits of Moolamore: Keep Up With New Technological Developments and Boost Your Advisory Services

  2. Obtain Valued Certifications / Credentials

  3. Build / Enhance Your Network

  4. Soft Skills Are Also Important

  5. Expand Your Knowledge & Skill Set: Gain Expertise In A Variety of Areas, and Then You Can Choose Your Specialisation

Final Words

And there you have it! To advance your career in Accounting and become more competent in this field, it’s salient to blend your technical accounting knowledge and interpersonal qualities, never stop learning, strengthen your network and embrace new technology opportunities such as Moolamore into your practice. Thanks for reading!

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