5 Best Tech Tools for Remote Work

Whether you’re a business owner who owns a small business or operates a home-based business, remote work is now dominating the industry thanks to technological advancements. Advancements in technology have provided a platform for remote workers to operate. As remote workers and virtual teams become more common, so are the tools and software designed to accommodate them.


Whether working from a beachside shack or within your own house, operating remotely calls for planning and preparation. Now is the time to set up your remote work for success with practice. Having tools at your disposal for remote work can help you reach your goals. We’ve listed five apps that are especially beneficial for this trend.




There is a new app on the market that can help accountants keep track of their company’s finances anytime, anywhere. Moolamore is an app that allows users to manage their cash flow and keep track of their profits and losses. Accountants can use this app to receive real-time updates on their company’s financial status and make informed decisions about where to allocate funds. Managing cash flow and transforming ventures into lucrative businesses are easy with Moolamore! Moolamore is intelligent and fully automated. Its scenario builders also aid in showing you different possibilities when it comes to allocating resources. 


Google Drive


Google Drive requires no introduction. Storing and sharing essential documents is made accessible due to Drive. This tool enables you to store and access records, collaborate with team members while roaming across different locations, and share files with whomever you choose. Google’s Google Drive platform gives you access to your files from anywhere, making it possible to control files, even if they’re stored on external media. The feature is also valuable in regulating changes in a file’s version number. In addition, Google Docs enables companies that operate on several continents to share and work on files.




Project and function management is vital for completing undertakings and keeping them on schedule. Asana unites your team’s work in a shared workspace. The Asana app enables users to participate in conversations, monitor project progress, track project milestones, and share files in a single organized location. In addition, Asana allows you to tailor your project views to the various working styles of your team so that you can automate routine tasks with automatic instructions. The Asana application has 200 integrations and over 200 app options, making the project management team’s communication between apps seamless.



Web-based video communication is vital and a requisite for a remote team. Team meetings, client meetings, and webinars can all be conducted with the right web client. Zoom is among the most popular videoconferencing clients. Its drag-and-drop interface, vast video conference capability, and screen-sharing apps have provided a vital function to most people during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Zoom enables cross-team collaboration with a defined meeting room by zooming on a room while enhancing video calls with annotation and whiteboarding features. In addition, it facilitates meetings with safety regulations in mind with a user-friendly interface.




Payroll and onboarding are essential for your company’s operations. Gusto is an automation platform for payroll, HR, and benefits designed for modern organizations. It features pre-employment tools for sending offer letters, onboarding paperwork, and IT infrastructure deployment. Gusto helps employees with payroll and HR duties through payroll, filing taxes, and providing access to certified HR representatives. In addition, it stores all payroll, onboarding, and HR records in its own space to streamline these processes.




Remote work is the norm today, and companies must be flexible if they want to be successful. The technologies we have examined can assist you in enhancing initiatives to raise teamwork and communication amongst remote employees. Use technology to guide small businesses.


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